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We're a family-owned business located in the beautiful Evans Creek Valley just outside of Rogue River, Oregon. We're proud to offer our delicious, local, raw honey for sale -- pure, unheated, unfiltered honey fresh from our beehives to you.
Stop by our Honey House

Taste-test our light, floral spring honey and our darker fall honey (a real customer favorite). We also have quart-sized jars of "cooking" honey, flavored honey snack sticks, and other goodies such as fresh comb honey and farm fresh rabbit meat as the season permits.

While you shop, be sure to say hi to the "girls" and get an up-close look at what they are up to in our year-round Observation Hive!
 Tis the Season - Shop Local!
Stumped for a stocking stuffer? Need a last-minute gift? We gotcha covered!

Our $5.00 8-ounce spring or fall honey bottles are delicious and affordable Christmas presents!

Are you shopping for someone who uses honey for baking, cooking, or as a part of their mouth-watering BBQ sauce? Gift them a jar of our special discounted "cooking" honey! It's slightly processed honey that's been overheated a bit too much, so we don't sell it as our own raw unheated specialty honey - but it's great for cooking where it will be heated anyway.

8 oz honey jars

Exciting News!

We're building our very own new house, from the ground up! Read about and see our progress on our house-building/homesteading blog!

pouring foundation

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